The MaRVis MR Guidewires are represented on the MR image as a continuous line resulting from the centrically localized passive-negative marker particles. The optimized MaRVis MR marker technology enables a sharp and precise artifact (image) of the guidewire, balanced in both directons longitudinal and perpendicular to B0.

In order to precisely and reliably identify the position of the distal end of the guidewire, an additional ball-shaped MR tip marker has been added at the distal end of the guidewire. Thereby the physician can simply ensure that the tip is present in the displayed MR image slice.

High quality MR images of MaRVis MR Guidewires have been obtained on MR scanners of all three major manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens) using standard real-time interventional MR sequences (bSSFP/bTFE, TrueFISP, FGRE) without major alterations. The diameters of the susceptibility artifacts generated by MaRVis MR Guidewires are close to the their actual diameters, but depend on the sequence settings.

A list of scientific publications covering testing of MaRVis MR Guidewires by various clinicians can be obtained from MaRVis. Contact us!

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