MaRVis has developed the world´s first comprehensive portfolio of MR safe and visible guidewires with good mechanical properties and excellent visibility in MRI. Product details see in "Product Information". With its unique product range of the necessary different guidewire types MaRVis for the first time enables performance of various interventional procedures, as usually more than one guidewire type is required. 

This portfolio of MR guidewires is based on the MaRVis platform technology. For the first time the necessary combination of high axial stiffness, torsion capability, general stability, flexibility and tear-resistance as essential material properties on the one hand, and patient safety features, controlled artifact (image) generation for directed visualization, and no electric conductivity or heating in MRI on the other hand, has been achieved.

MaRVis rods
The proprietary basic material for the design of MaRVis MR Guidewires is a thin rod-shaped composite material (“MaRVis rod”). These rods are composed of glass or aramid fibers, or in certain designs of both fibers together, impregnated by epoxy resin.

Monobloc design
Micro guidewires consist of one MaRVis rod. 0.035” guidewires consist of several MaRVis rods which are geometrically arranged. Stiffness of the 0.035” guidewires is modulated by incorporating three peripheral (standard version) or six peripheral (stiff version) MaRVis rods. Geometric arrangement of the MaRVis rods is achieved by embedding in an envelope polymer.
The MaRVis rods extend along the entire length of a guidewire so that a single piece guidewire design is realized.

Left: 0.035” standard MaRVis MR Guidewire; middle: 0.035” stiff MaRVis MR Guidewire; right: micro MaRVis MR Guidewire

Flexible tip
All MaRVis MR Guidewires possess a flexible tip which is manually shapeable to form the typical shapes of commercial guidewires.

MR visibility
All MaRVis MR Guidewires comprise passive-negative MR marker particles which provide excellent visibility in MRI. For more information see "MRI visualization".

X-ray visibility
The distal end of the MaRVis MR Guidewires is radiopaque which enables X-ray visibility (fluoroscopy and CT).

MR Safe
The MaRVis MR Guidewires have been tested for their MR safety properties. Due to their design they are labeled “MR Safe” according to ASTM F2503-13.

Product performance and safety
The glass fibers in the MaRVis rods contribute to the mechanical strength of the guidewires. A MaRVis MR Guidewire provides high stiffness (adapted to the respective type of guidewire) and transmits compressive and tractive forces as well as torsional moment. This design allows handling according to today's established standards. All MaRVis Guidewires contain aramid fibers and a PTFE heat shrink tube, both providing high elasticity and tear-resistance, and thereby product safety. The smooth PTFE surface ensures good gliding properties.

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