MaRVis Interventional GmbH is a German ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device company focused on novel MR safe and visible medical devices for use in Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – guided medical treatments.

MRI is a radiation-free imaging method which can be used for minimally invasive medical interventions instead of X-ray imaging. MRI enables precise imaging of body soft tissue (e.g. organs and vessels). This is not achievable by today´s X-ray based imaging methods. Yet, for MRI-guided interventions novel MR safe and visible medical devices are required because current metal-based devices are MR unsafe.

To match this unmet medical need, MaRVis has developed a comprehensive patent-protected platform technology based on its proprietary MR safe elongated fiber-composite basic materials ("MaRVis rods") and MR marker technology. Derived from this, a unique portofolio of MR safe and visible guidewires, covering the typical commercial guidewire types, has been developed. A first product line is already CE marked. Further product lines wil follow. MaRVis will also exploit its platform technology for development of other medical devices.

Target markets are radiology, gastroenterology, angiology, cardiology, and at the long term also neuroradiology. Medical device approval shall be obtained not only in Europe but also in USA.

The strong MaRVis patent portfolio broadly protects the MaRVis platform technology, guidewires, stylets and catheter products in the field of MR medical devices, and in addition applications and manufacturing technologies.

MaRVis cooperates with an increasing number of internationally renowned clinics and leading interventional physicians as well as expert MR physicists, which further strengthens its development and application expertise.

MaRVis Interventional GmbH