A comprehensive animal trial with systematic testing of the MaRVis Guidewires in nine pigs with 1,296 cannulations and 27 stent deployments plus other interventional procedures has been successfully performed by Dr. Alexander Maßmann, Prof. Dr. Arno Bücker and Prof. Dr. Günther Schneider (Saarland University Medical Center, Radiology, Homburg/Saar, Germany). The results from phantom model and animal testing have been published at several medical conferences and in the peer-reviewed scientific journal "Radiology". The authors concluded that the MaRVis Guidewires "were characterized by good to excellent visibility, with a continuous artifact of 2 mm in diameter and 4 x 8 mm ball-shaped tip marker. Stiffness, flexibility, and guidance reflected comparable times for all in vitro and in vivo procedures with both the MR imaging and standard nitinol guidewires."
More animal trials for systematic testing of typical radiological, cardiological, and neuroradiological interventional procedures are ongoing in a number of international clinics. Several of these have already been published at medical conferences.

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