The value proposition of the MaRVis technology resides in its integrated solution for the basic problem of maintaining the positive material properties of conventional guidewires based on metal cores and to concomittantly eliminate their critical electrical features in the magnetic and radio frequency (RF) fields. This proprietary technology by de novo design of medical devices obviates the use of metal cores and provides for a high degree of flexibility in their mechanical and visualization properties.

MaRVis has focused on the development of a portfolio of unique MR safe guidewires (0.035“ standard and stiff and 0.014“ micro guidewires). Absence of electric conductivity and of heating in the magnetic and RF fields as well as good MRI visibility and mechanic handling properties have been proven. The strong potential of the MaRVis Guidewires derived from its proprietary platform technology has been confirmed in in vitro (vessel phantom), animal and human cadaver testings.

MaRVis Interventional GmbH