Notice: The MaRVis MR guidewires are not yet cleared for sale or use in the U.S.

All MaRVis MR guidewire products as presented below are available for human use only in Europe.

General technical features
CoreSingle piece construction
Base materialFiber-reinforced plastics rods (glass and aramid) 
SurfacePTFE shrink tube
Flexible tip

Straight, manually shapeable

MRI visibility          
Continuous line long entire length; additional ball-shaped tip marker
X-ray visibilityAlong the flexible tip
MR safety"MR Safe"

The MaRVis Amber Wire product line is CE marked as medical device Class Is
and labeled as “MR Safe”.

Available guidewire variants are:

MaRVis Amber Wire
0.035"standardType A150, 180, 210, 260, 300 cm
0.035"stiffType A150, 180, 210, 260, 300 cm
0.035"stiffType B180 cm
0.014"microType A190, 250, 300 cm

Further product lines will be added in the future.

For availability and orders please contact MaRVis.

MaRVis Interventional GmbH